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Car & Motorcycle Maintenance

Keeping your car in good condition during long term storage requires regular attention. We recommend our monthly maintenance programme. Batteries are charged and levels checked. Cars are then started and warmed to running temperature. Vehicles can then be driven along our half mile private drive to gently exercise the engine, clutch, steering, gearbox, suspension, brakes and bearings. Should any faults be noticed which are not easily rectifiable, they will be recorded and the owner advised.

As with all our services, we are very flexible when it comes to our car care programme and we are happy to adjust this to suit our clients' individual requirements.

For security and safety, no owner maintenance is allowed on the premises.


We have a fully equipped workshop within the compound from where we are able to offer anything from an oil change to a ground up restoration.

Alternatively we are happy to arrange repairs to be carried out by customers preferred specialists. We will obtain estimates in advance for approval and will exercise cost and work control on our clients' behalf.


We are happy to arrange renewals of car tax and MOT certificates as well as licensing and documents for shipping and exportation or anything else owners may require.

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